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Raycaster for game making, 500 lines of C code using SDL2, source code provided, by all means bugless, easy fun. One more thing to show off, should be enough.

Here are the original files for RayCoaster, exactly as they were. It was purchased 6 times before as i was told, but the money was abandoned due to the requirement to declare taxes.

How to write map text files, this is from the code. Sprite or wall not clipping means that you can go through it. Both can be partly transparent, magenta is the transparent color. Remove the aplha channel from png or the image will not load. The sprites cannot move smoothly, unless the code is modified, but they can change smoothly, the aim was mostly to use it for puzzle games. The walls can be different height as in Elder Scrolls Arena, in some ways it is somewhere between Wolfenstein3D and Doom.

/* Sprite a--n, wall o--z, after the map, a sprite or wall code followed */
/* by white space and path to an image, loads that image for that code, */
/* _ after the code means that the sprite or wall is not clipping */
char map[MAPHEIGHT + NUMOFTEXTURES + 2][4 * MAPWIDTH + 4] = {
    "    w7w7w7w7w7w7    w4w4w4w4    w7w7w7w7w7w7    ",     "w7                                            w7",     "w8         DEFAULT MAP              c1        w8",     "w7  w3                                    w3  w7",     "w8  w3        w2    w5    w5    w2        w3  w8",     "w7  w3        w2                w2        w3  w7",     "w8  w3        w2    w5    w5    w2        w3  w8",     "w7                                            w7",     "w8                  w5    w5                  w8",     "w7                                            w7",     "              w5w5w5w5    w5w5w5w5              ",     "w1                                            w1",     "w1w1w1w1w1w1        w4w4w4w4        w1w1w1w1w1w1",     "w1                  w4w4w4w4                  w1",     "                                                ",     "w7w7w7w7                                w7w7w7w7",     "w7                                            w7",     "                                                ",     "w3  w3                                    w3  w3",     "  w5        w6w6w6w6w6    w6w6w6w6w6        w5  ",     "w3  w3      w6w5w6w5w6    w6w5w6w5w6      w3  w3",     "            w6w6w6w6w6@@  w6w6w6w6w6            ",     "w7          w6w5w6w5w6    w6w5w6w5w6          w7",     "w7w7w7w7    w6w6w6w6w6    w6w6w6w6w6    w7w7w7w7",
    "                                                ",
    "                                                ",
    "                                                "


raycoaster-1.0.6.zip 1 MB
raycoaster-demo.zip 1 MB


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This looks amazing, i love that style. If you can actually do and edit and create games with it i will learn how to make games just for this.


This looks pretty interesting. I'll give it a spin :)